Who should read Altar'd?

The newly released Altar'd provides faith-building evidence leading to new life. Altar'd communicates the story of God in a simple and winsome fashion to help people understand God better and what his purpose can mean to their life. The Bible is the greatest book of all time, but for some it can be overwhelming. Once a foundation is developed, the Bible can be easier to grasp and so much more fulfilling to read. Altar'd displays a summary of God's story and powerful evidence as to why both the Bible and its message can be trusted. After reading Altar'd one will be able to have a much better framework for understanding the Bible for the rest of their lives.

My heart's desire is to help people believe. I plead with all to consider the evidence before making a verdict on the Bible and the reality of God. Altar'd takes people on a journey of amazing evidence, displaying the Bible can be trusted.

Throughout the book the theme of an offering runs through like water controlled by a dam. In the end, through a memorable and powerful illustration, the dam is opened, and people will be swept into an awesome stream of faith. The close of the book offers application to help the reader discover the excitement of re-positioning (Altar'ing) their lives toward fulfilling purpose.

Who should read Altar'd?

All who want the joy of experiencing greater faith and everlasting purpose.

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